The WilliamsRDM Covert Smart Solar Power System is a camouflaged solar charging system for remote deployments. It can be used with the Start system or with various other third party surveillance and security systems that use traditional solar panels. The system incorporates a camouflaged solar panel with accompanying circuitry which can be covertly deployed to avoid detection. The  circuity is designed to extract as much solar energy as possible under varying light conditions using power tracking algorithms. It incorporates a battery charging circuit which has been configured for 12 V lead acid battery charging but may be modified for a wide range of voltages and battery technologies. One of the main causes of battery failure in solar powered remote deployments is over charging of the batteries which can take years off of their service life. Covert Smart Solar Power System have been specifically designed to properly charge lead acid batteries and ensure they are not over charged. A detailed testing report can be seen here. It compares our covert solar solution to a typical battery installation on a off the shelf trail camera.

There are currently two distinct lines within the Covert Smart Power Systems. There are Rocks and Logs. More lines will be coming which include concrete slabs, tire treads and others. Of the Rock Line there are three variations of Rocks and four variations of the Logs. The color of the Covert Smart Power System can also be modified.

Covert Smart Solar Panel, Rock (PATENT PENDING).

The Rock line of Covert Smart Power Systems consist of a rock shaped enclosure painted to blend in with the surrounding environment. There are currently three shape varieties of rocks all and multiple shades of paints all with the same functional specifications. The only difference is their appearance in a natural setting.  Because, no matter how good the camouflage is, having identical items in close proximity often detracts from their stealthy appearance.

Covet Log Solar Panel
Covert Smart Solar Panel, Log (PATENT PENDING).

The Log line of Covert Smart Power System also has three variations to aid in fully camouflaging the solar panels.

Unfortunately, sometimes camouflaging something in nature requires solar panels to take the form of trash. Cameras have been deployed to record what happens at illegal dup sites. At these locations an abandoned tire looks more at home than a rock or a log. For these situations we created the Debris line of Covert Power Systems.

One of our latest offerings was a telephone cable utility box, we removed the top portion of the enclosure, created an exact copy of the part we removed only out solar panel was embedded in it.

The top of this enclosure was replaced with our covert solar power system

Key Features

  • Incorporates circuity to maximize solar charging efficiency under all lighting conditions.
  • Incorporates Constant Current/Constant Voltage Battery Charging to ensure batteries are properly charged and not over charged.
  • Interfaces with COTS battery boxes such as Buckeye/stealth cam/Spartan Camera etc.
  • 3-5W panel improves charging performance on overcast days or in partially shaded areas.  Rodent Resistant Cabling
  • WilliamsRDM can provide battery boxes or integrate batteries into the solar rock to reduce the system footprint.
  • 6V and 12V options Available to support common battery sizes
  • Use the optional WRDM Battery Saver Module to ensure batteries are not damaged due to over discharging. The module is easy to install on a 6 or 12V external battery.
Covert Smart Solar Power System Specs  Units
Optimized Angle (Full Sun)3-5W
Flat on Ground (Full Sun)2-3.3W
Battery Float Voltage13.6Volts
Battery Charging Current400mA
Weight (with cable)10.5Lbs
Approximate Dimensions13.5 x 13.5 x 2.5In
Solar Cell TypePoly-crystalline Silicon 


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