The START™ cluster node or gateway receives all the information from the sensor nodes and forwards through a cellular connection. It also takes information sent to it from the cellular network and forwards the request to the specific sensor node. The cluster node is contained in a larger weather tight enclosure that housed a single board computer along with wireless communication circuitry. Multiple antennas connect to this enclosure to allow for the multiple forms of communication needed by the system. It is designed to connect to constant power or with optional batteries and solar Panels. The covert smart solar power systems is compatible with this device.

Cluster Node (Gateway) cellular and network antennas as well as power cable are not shown.

Key Features

  • Approximately 10” x 11” x 5.5”
  • Environmentally hardened
  • Solar & Battery powered
  • Multi-year service life
  • GPS equipped
  • Manages a group of sensor nodes (~200)
  • Provides second tier of false detection filtering
  • Provides long range communications to security personnel